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From Lake Geneva to Mont Blanc

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    "From Lake Geneva to Mont Blanc" what an attractive heading full of wonderful suggestions! It invites you to go through this part of the Haute-Savoie along the GR 5. The different moods of the route, its passage through the various stages of the mountain environment, the variety of the regions travelled through, each on with its own particular character, means that walkers and hikers alike will definitely not be disappointed.

    From Lake Geneva to Mont Blanc

    Hiking ideas

    Two days

    from Morzine to Samoëns
    1) from Morzine to refuge of Mines d'Or
    duration 3 h 15
    2) from refuge of Mines d'Or to Samoëns
    duration 4 h 05

    Eight days

    1) from Thonon-les-Bains to gite of Clouz
    duration 5 h 30
    2) from Clouz to refuge of Bise
    duration 7 h 55
    3) from refuge of Bise to refuge of Trebentaz
    duration 5 h 35
    4) from Trebentaz to refuge of Lac Vert by the Crottes
    duration 6 h 40
    5) from Green lake to refuge of Golèse
    duration 5 h 15
    6) from the Golèse to refuge of Anterne
    duration 7 h 35
    7) from Anterne pass to refuge of Bellachat
    duration 6 h 30
    8) from Bellachat to the Houches
    duration 1 h 45

    Six days

    Aroud the dents du Midi
    1) from Doey to Jueurs
    duration 2 h 45
    2) from Jueurs to refuge of Antème
    duration 4 h 00
    3) from Antème to the cabane Susanfe
    duration 3 h 00
    4) from Susanfe to Salanfe
    duration 4 h 15
    5) from Salanfe to Mex
    duration 4 h 00
    6) from Mex to Saint-Maurice
    duration 3 h 20

    Purchase a topo-guide

    To purchase the From Lake Geneva to Mont Blanc Footpath Topo-Guide(GR 5) Ref 504