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Around Oisans

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    The term "Oisan" used to refer to the Romanche and the Vénéon. It has now been extended to cover the areas around Guisane, Vallouise, Champsur, Valgaudemar, Valjouffrey and Valnestre. The Parc National des Ecrins watches over these exceptionally welcoming areas. They have been carefully chosen for the reintrodution of the ibex. Up there, on the sunny slopes, it chews away at the young grass. It watches you with its golden eyes, just waiting to be admired.

    Around Oisans

    Hiking ideas

    One day

    The plateau of En-Paris
    from Besse to the Grave

    The Alp of Villar-d'Arène
    from the Foot of Casset pass

    Around Puys of Champoléon
    from Auberts to Guiran pass

    Pétarel lakes near Chapelle-en-Valgaudemar

    Around Pied-Moutet by GR 50 and Deux Alpes

    Eleven days

    1) from Bourd-d'Oisans to Besse in passing by Sarenne pass
    duration 7 h 40
    2) from Besse to Grave in passing by the plateau of En-Paris
    duration 6 h 30
    3) from Grave to Monêtier by Arsine pass
    duration 7 h 35
    4) from Monêtier to Vallouise by Eychauda pass
    duration 7 h 30
    5) from Vallouise to refuge of Pré of Chaumette by Aup Martin pass
    duration 9 h 30
    6) from refuge of Pré of Chaumette to refuge of Clot
    duration 7 h 30
    7) from refuge of Clot to Villar-Loubière
    duration 4 h 50
    8) from Villar-Loubière to Désert-en-Valjouffrey by Vaurze pass
    duration 8 h 30
    9) from Désert-en-Valjouffrey to Valsenestre by Côte-Belle pass
    duration 5 h 45
    10) from Valsenestre to Bourg d'Arud by Muzelle pass
    duration 8 h 30
    11) from Bourg d'Arud to Bourg d'Oisans
    duration 3 h 00

    Purchase a topo-guide

    To purchase the Around Oisans Footpath Topo-Guide (GR 54-541) Ref 508