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The massif and lakes of Dauphiné region

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    You couldn't dream of greater variety in this series of hikes in this topo-guide which, with the major line of Belladonne, connects the two lateral massifs of Taillefer-Grand Serre to the south and the Rousses to the east. Their structure is highly original, as is the choice of possible circuits. The common link in these two massifs is the large number of lakes, either surrounded by plunging cliffs or spreading freely over plains.

    The massif and lakes of Dauphiné region

    Hiking ideas

    Two days

    Around the Laffrey lakes

    1) from Laffrey to Pierre Châtel
    duration 4 h 20
    2) from Pierre Châtel to Laffrey
    duration 6 h 10

    Three days

    Around the Rousses lakes

    1) from the Alpe d'Huez to refuge of Fare
    duration 4 h 15
    2) from refuge of Fare to Enversin
    duration 5 h 30
    3) from Enversin d'Oz to the Alpe d'Huez
    duration 4 h 50

    Forests and lakes from Uriage to Chamrousse

    1) Saint-Martin-d'Uriage to Recoin of Chamrousse
    duration 4 h 20
    2) from Recoin of Chamrousse to Seiglières
    duration 6 h 05
    3) from Seiglières to Saint-Martin-d'Uriage
    duration 3 h 55

    Around the Sept-Laux lakes

    1) from Prapoutel to Rivier d'Allemont
    duration 4 h 50
    2) from Rivier d'Allemont to refuge of Sept-Laux
    duration 4 h 00
    3) from refuge of Sept-Laux to Prapoutel
    duration 5 h 00

    Four days

    Balcon of Sept-Laux

    1) from Laval to Theys
    duration 5 h 05
    2) from Theys to Poulet Crest
    duration 5 h 55
    3) from Poulet Crest to Habert d'Aiguebelle
    duration 6 h 35
    4) from Habert d'Aiguebelle to Laval
    duration 4 h 20

    Six days

    Around Allevard region

    1) from Saint Pierre d'Allevard to Beauvoir
    duration ength 6 h 10
    2) from Beauvoir to Pierre du Carre
    duration 5 h 00
    3) from Pierre du Carre to the Gleyzin inn
    duration 4 h 25
    4) from Gleyzin inn to Haut-Breda farm
    duration 5 h 45
    5) from Haut-Breda farm to refuge of Sept-Laux
    duration 3 h 45
    6) from refuge of Sept-Laux to Saint Pierre d'Allevard
    duration 6 h 55

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    To purchase the massif and lakes of Dauphiné region Footpath Topo-Guide (GR 549) Ref 524